Georg Friedrich Haas: …Und…

Georg Friedrich Haas (photo by Gian Marco Castelberg, 2014)

Georg Friedrich Haas (born 16 August 1953 in Graz, Austria) is an Austrian composer. In a 2017 Classic Voice poll of the greatest works of art music since 2000, pieces by Haas received the most votes (49), and his composition in vain (2000) topped the list. Georg Friedrich Haas grew up in Tschagguns, Vorarlberg and studied…

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Johannes Maria Staud: Listen, Revolution

Johannes Maria Staud

Johannes Maria Staud (b. 1974 in Innsbruck) draws much of his inspiration from literature and the visual arts. Reflections on philosophical questions, social processes, and political events also influence his compositions. His artfully constructed works possess a rigorous dramaturgy. Staud studied musicology and philosophy in Vienna before continuing his compositional studies with Hanspeter Kyburz in…

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Tanja Elisa Glinsner: “Läuft mein Hirn so viele leere Kreise…”

Tanja Elisa Glinsner

Tanja Elisa Glinsner (b. 1995 in Linz) took lessons in violin, piano and saxophone at a young age. She subsequently also made her first compositional attempts. From 2005 to 2013 she attended the music branch of the Akademisches Gymnasium in Linz and studied violin with Wolfram Wincor and composition with Erland M. Freudenthaler as a…

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Emre Sihan Kaleli: Adjacent rooms, for Borges

Emre Sihan Kaleli

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION) Emre Sihan Kaleli (b. 1987) is a Turkish composer currently based in Vienna. He studied and acquired professional experience in four countries: Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, and Austria. Close artistic collaborations with certain soloists and collectives, namely Matthias Arter (Switzerland), Aleksandra Bajde (Slovenia), the Omnibus Ensemble (Uzbekistan), the pre-art soloists (Switzerland), the…

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Tomasz Skweres: Impact

Tomasz Skweres

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION) Tomasz Skweres (b. 1984) is a Polish-Austrian composer, who lives in Vienna and Regensburg in Germany. As a composer he won many prizes, competitions and received scholarships and received commissions by Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, Konzerthaus in Vienna, Festival Wien Modern, Niederbayerische Philharmonie, Apollon Musagete Quartet and by many…

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Onur Dülger: Barzakh

Onur Dülger photo by Stefanie Luger

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION) Onur Dülger, born in 1980 in Istanbul, received two BAs in composition from Istanbul University and University of Music Vienna. Two M.A.s for instrumental and electroacoustic composition from the University of Music Vienna, and a DMA at Boston University with Michael Obst, Karlheinz Essl, Chaya Czernowin, Joshua Fineberg. His pieces,…

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Bernhard Gander: Blood Beat

Bernhard Gander

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION) Bernhard Gander (b. 1969 in Lienz) studied at the Tyrolean Provincial Conservatoire (piano, musical composition, conducting) and had subsequent composition studies with Beat Furrer in Graz, as well as pursued electro acoustic music at Studio UPIC in Paris and at the Swiss Centre for Computer Music in Zurich. He…

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Hui Ye: ‘it was so quiet that the pins dropped could be heard…’

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION) Hui Ye (b. 1981 in Canton, China) is a media and sound artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her artistic practice she works with different media: video/film, installation, composition, and live sound performance. Having an artistic background as a composer and sound performer, exploring the relationship between sound and…

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Manuela Kerer: Gletscherquartett

Manuela Kerer

Manuela Kerer (born 1980 in Brixen, Italy) likes to marvel and is continuously on the search for new sounds, surprises and challenges. She finished her composition studies in Innsbruck and Milan and composed for ensembles such as Kaleidoskop Berlin or Klangforum Wien and master musicians like Julius Berger, Maja Ratkje and Sarah Maria Sun. Her…

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